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Improving accessibility and quality of care.

Telehealth for Schools

Reduce time away from work and school for parents, students and staff by providing virtual visits with medical professionals in real-time, without leaving school.

Improve efficiency and provide better care:

While never leaving the school

ESE Telehealth is offering schools a true turn-key platform, coupling our technology with additional resources, placing the necessary hardware and software into schools to implement a safe and secure telehealth and telemedicine program. This opportunity allows district systems to overcome the constant challenges associated with student healthcare and promotes improvements in student wellness. Our telehealth program improves administrative burdens with providing premium healthcare to students by on demand access to Nurse Practitioners. This translates to improvements in learning by returning students to the classroom sooner and improving the overall health status of the student which promotes adherence with the learning process while improving the school’s funding. Additionally, ESE Telehealth will add convenience for parents with live notifications of visits, and less time away from work.

Bridging the gap between K-12 campuses and accessible healthcare.

Cutting Edge Equipment

All-In-One Unit including remote health monitoring devices such as heart rate monitor, blood pressure, oxygen level monitor, otoscope, stethoscope, and more.

White Glove Installation

ESE Telehealth provides all equipment, completes white glove installation and training for schools and 24/7 tech support after delivery.

Virtual Visits

Through our secure, two-way video and remote health monitoring/ communication platform, schools have live access to a nurse practitioner.

Electronic Health Record

Student health records are electronically created and transfer with the student as they move through grade levels or to other participating school districts.

Electronic Notifications

Parents receive electronic notification when their child receives treatment, for prescription information, and any necessary follow up appointments. Parents will also have access to speak with a nurse after school hours for any
questions about their child’s visit with the
school nurse and/or nurse practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a school setting, who makes the determination if a telemedicine call is justified for a patient?

The school nurse or medical assistant will do a brief triage to determine if the patient qualifies for a telehealth visit according to ESE and School approved protocols.

How are the peripherals utilized in a school setting?

The nurse practitioner will instruct the school nurse, or medical assistant, on how to manipulate the peripherals connected via video to examine the patient just as if they were in an actual doctor’s office.

What are peripherals?

The nurse practitioner will instruct the school nurse, or medical assistant, on how to manipulate the peripherals connected via video to examine the patient just as if they were in an actual a

Peripherals are medical devices included in participating schools that are used to help the provider evaluate specific medical assessments for students with the assistance of a school nurse or assistant. They include:

  • Otoscope
  • Dermascope
  • Stethoscope
  • BPN Monitor
  • Scales
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter

doctor’s office.

How will I be notified if my child is seen by the Nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner at school?

The patient portal is accessible 24/7 by the patient to review the medical diagnosis and the case note in its entirety. If the patient is a child, the school nurse will contact the parent or legal guardian prior to any visit to obtain verbal consent to treat.

Can a parent be present during the encounter or at least be notified prior to the visit?

Yes, the nurse will notify you prior to the encounter and the parent can decide to either pick the child up and go to their Primary Care Physician, be present with the child during the telehealth visit, or allow the nurse to conduct the encounter without a parent.

Is the video encounter with the nurse practitioner recorded?

No, as this isn’t required by the State Medical Board. However, in a school setting there is a nurse or assistant with the patient during the encounter at all times.

If my child sees a nurse practitioner at school, will prescriptions be issued or administered at school?

No, if the nurse practitioner determines the patient needs a prescription it’ll be sent to the local pharmacy specified in the patient’s profile and will be available for pickup.

Can a parent bring a student into the school that is already sick in order to be seen by the nurse practitioner for treatment?

That is up to each individual school district to allow this type visit. But yes, ESE Telehealth will see them if the visit is in accordance with school policies.

In a school setting, does the student have to make an appointment to be seen by the school nurse?

No. The school nurse is available during school hours and our nurse practitioners can be accessed almost immediately.