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Skip the trip to the doctor’s office and schedule a virtual visit with our team of qualified medical professionals. From general medical issues and acute care to mental health and therapy, our certified team can help you from the place from which you’re most comfortable.

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Experience private and secure consultations from the comfort of your living room, office, or anywhere else you might be. Our virtual practice is 100% HIPAA compliant and can be accessed from any smartphone/mobile device, tablet or computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs and for Individuals

What is telehealth?

Telehealth uses the latest computer technology, software, medical cameras, and telecommunications to enable physicians to evaluate, diagnose, conduct medical examinations, and treat patients remotely.

Why is telehealth used?

Access to medical care is often challenging for many people. Work schedules, rural area populations, and lack of transportation become cumbersome when seeking medical care. Telehealth offers greater access to health care that help eliminate these roadblocks. These patients often have difficulty seeing a specialist because that particular specialist is not near their home, creating long travel distances to appointments. Telehealth reduces travel distances. Innovations in IT infrastructure, communication, transmission and linked medical devices allow practitioners to conduct medical evaluations from a distant site permitting patients to get access to healthcare faster, while improving patient engagement and creating better outcomes. Other reasons to choose telehealth include:

  • Inexpensive
  • Faster access
  • Flexibility

How do I enroll in ESE Telehealth?

Click on Patient Portal button in the top menu bar to sign up. Follow the instructions on how to enroll and sign the consent forms provided.

Who actually sees the patient?

Board certified nurse practitioners, who are supervised by physicians and governed by state medical board approved protocols, see the patients. Occasionally, as the situation may require, one of our medical doctors can be available for special cases.

How much does ESE Telehealth's services cost?

ESE has 2 options:

  1. Flat rate pay which is $65 for new patients and $45 thereafter or
  2. Provide private insurance, pay copay, and ESE Telehealth will bill the insurance
Any leftover amount not paid by insurance will be billed to the patient.

Can a patient use their Health Savings Account for payment?

ESE isn’t currently setup to accept Health Savings Account payments, but are working with several private payors to setup these features.
In most cases, after the claim has been paid in full, the patient can be reimbursed by their Health Savings Account for the visit.

What will I need for my virtual visit?

  • Web Camera
  • Microphone
  • Access to the internet
    • You can also access the encounter on a mobile device or tablet

In a school setting, who makes the determination if a telemedicine call is justified for a patient?

The school nurse or medical assistant will do a brief triage to determine if the patient qualifies for a telehealth visit according to ESE and School approved protocols.

Are my (or my child's) medical records required at the time of visit?

Patient’s medical history, including previous illnesses and current medications, must be given the accessing provider at the time of the consult. The provider will maintain patient records of all visit encounters and must document the evaluation and treatment of patient. If a referring provider initiated any visit, the telehealth provider must send a copy of this record to the referring practitioner.

How will I be notified if my child is seen by the Nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner at school?

The patient portal is accessible 24/7 by the patient to review the medical diagnosis and the case note in its entirety. If the patient is a child, the school nurse will contact the parent or legal guardian prior to any visit to obtain verbal consent to treat.

Can a parent be present during the encounter or at least be notified prior to the visit?

Yes, the nurse will notify you prior to the encounter and the parent can decide to either pick the child up and go to their Primary Care Physician, be present with the child during the telehealth visit, or allow the nurse to conduct the encounter without a parent.

If I have a question about the encounter who do I call?

You can reach ESE Telehealth 877-755-2212 between the hours of 8-5pm EST to review the case notes and diagnosis with the Nurse Practitioner on rotation. Nurse practitioners are available on a rotation and cannot be reached directly, but the next nurse practitioner in rotation can recall the case note to discuss the diagnosis.

Is the video encounter with the nurse practitioner recorded?

No, as this isn’t required by the State Medical Board. However, in a school setting there is a nurse or assistant with the patient during the encounter at all times.

Can the telehealth provider prescribe medication(s)?

Yes. However, providers are prohibited from prescribing controlled substances or dangerous drugs based solely on an electronic consult.

If my child sees a nurse practitioner at school, will prescriptions be issued or administered at school?

No, if the nurse practitioner determines the patient needs a prescription it’ll be sent to the local pharmacy specified in the patient’s profile and will be available for pickup.

How do you update your medical history?

Just like any other normal doctor office would want the most up to date medical history before being seen we would ask you update yours online as often as needed. This would include any new medications, allergies, and/or diagnoses.

How are the medical records kept secure?

ESE’s Electronic Medical Record software is HIPAA complaint and is kept password protected at all times. Only those who are HIPAA certified and given access can retrieve the medical records.

How is telehealth beneficial to the patients compared to going to an actual physician's office?

Telehealth is a virtual visit where the patient can be seen immediately vs driving to the physician’s office without an appt. The patient isn’t’ exposed to other illnesses nor spreading their illness. In many cases, it’s also more affordable.

Is an Annual In-Person Exam required?

The telehealth provider must make “diligent efforts” to have the patient seen and examined in-person by a Georgia-licensed physician, PA or APRN at least once a year. All patients will be recommended to follow up with their primary care physician and/or any specialty practitioners as medically necessary.

Can a parent bring a student into the school that is already sick in order to be seen by the nurse practitioner for treatment?

That is up to each individual school district to allow this type visit. But yes, ESE Telehealth will see them if the visit is in accordance with school policies.

In a school setting, does the student have to make an appointment to be seen by the school nurse?

No. The school nurse is available during school hours and our nurse practitioners can be accessed almost immediately.

How is the follow up care of patient handled?

If the patient isn’t feeling better within a few days of being seen by our nurse practitioner, then it is our recommendation for them to have a follow up visit with the nurse practitioner or contact their primary care physician.

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