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Health issues are among the primary reasons children miss school. While visiting a doctor can help them get the care they need and feel better, they have to miss school, sometimes for a day or two. Luckily, with school-based telehealth, kids can get medical care without leaving school. Here we explain why traditional healthcare doesn’t work for families anymore and discuss how a virtual program can help children and their families.

Reasons Why Traditional Healthcare Does Not Work for Families Today

In this day and age, most parents and guardians have full-time jobs and fixed schedules. Due to these situations, most parents and guardians find the traditional healthcare system challenging in many ways.

For instance, if your child falls ill when at school, it may be hard to leave work and take them to the doctor. Moreover, the visit may be costly and take a lot of time, causing you to have to use PTO/sick leave.

Benefits of a School-Based Telehealth Program to Kids

A school-based telehealth program has unique features that help solve most problems faced when using traditional healthcare. For example, it brings quality services and advanced technology equipment into a school. No matter the school’s location, your child will always have access to quality healthcare.

Other benefits of school-based telehealth programs to kids are:

  • Helping children with chronic illness manage their conditions and medication
  • Minimizing the risk of contracting contagious diseases
  • School-based telehealth allows faster diagnosis of conditions

Children often suffer injuries during sports activities or when playing with friends during recess. Without access to immediate care services, a minor wound could impact their health in the long run if not treated. Luckily, with school-based telehealth, your kids can quickly get medical care services when they need them. If they suffer injuries when at school, the nurse can rely on a virtual healthcare expert for assistance.

When children miss school, they might not be able to catch up on the content reviewed during their absence. With school-based telehealth, they can get treated faster when feeling unwell and avoid missing classes. In the end, they will be more likely to participate more in class and excel in their studies.

Benefits of School-Based Telehealth to Parents and Guardians

These school-based telehealth programs have many benefits that can ease your life as a parent. One advantage of this healthcare platform is that it is convenient. For instance, instead of leaving work to take your child to a doctors office, you can join the virtual patient-provider conference. This feature will allow you to have first-hand information about your child’s well-being even when you are away. Additionally, you can always ask the provider for advice on managing your child’s condition when they are at home.

Visiting a doctor can be expensive since you have to pay a consultation fee even for minor health issues. Besides, you will incur the cost of transportation from your workplace to the school, then the doctors office, and back. Fortunately, you can avoid such expenses when your child uses a school-based telehealth program.

Enroll Your Child for ESE School-Based Telehealth Programs

ESE Telehealth provides many types of virtual healthcare services, including school-based. Our team of qualified medical experts has the skills needed to diagnose and treat different health issues. When a school partners with us, we seek consent from parents so that their kids can use our services. We deploy advanced medical equipment to help on-site nurses examine and monitor students. We also provide a two-way communication platform to allow schools to contact our health experts.

By enrolling your child in our school-based telehealth programs, you give them access to unlimited medical care. In case they fall ill, our nurse will notify you, and you can decide whether to visit their primary physician or allow us to provide treatment. You can also choose to join the virtual meeting or let the nurse continue in your absence.

Once your kid receives treatment from our experts, you will receive a notification with details about the process. Some of the information it will provide is the diagnosis, recommended prescription, and follow-up appointments. You can contact our physician after school hours if you have any questions about your child’s well-being.

Access Quality Medical Care Through ESE Telehealth

At ESE Telehealth, we provide a comprehensive school-based health program designed for your child’s needs. With our services, you can be at peace knowing that our experienced nurses and doctors will handle any arising medical emergency. Furthermore, you will avoid missing work and incurring travel expenses when taking your kid to the hospital. If you have any questions about our school-based telehealth program, visit our website today for more details.

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