How can you maintain a healthy student body, while ensuring that students aren’t missing out on key learning time? The answer for KIPP Atlanta was ESE Telehealth. With any time access to board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners, students can get the care they need right from their school. This means fewer sick days, healthier kids and peace of mind for parents.

Recently we sat down with District Nursing Lead Keonshe Anderson who shared her experience with integrating telehealth into KIPP Atlanta’s schools:

“As a healthcare department, our goal is to make sure that the scholars are well enough to be able to be in class. We work hand in hand with the educators. Us being in the school building allows for our scholars to have the most time in the classroom. Having telehealth in the school has provided us the resource to do so. When kids have minor issues like sore throat or even a minor cold, then we’re able to get them seen on the telehealth equipment and get them well enough so that they can remain in class. Telehealth has also been very, very helpful for our parents. Parents are not required to leave work, to come to the school, to attend the telehealth visits. They can easily log on to Zoom and attend the visits that way, so it’s provided a resource in many, many ways for our community and our schools around the region.”

“We want to make sure that everything is run smoothly and that we can see as many scholars as possible in a day. So with that, we’ve linked in our registrars. They’re actually going to have a link on the applications or the registration, where students can register for ESE Telehealth when they register for school. And that way, all of the parents can register for the services ahead of time. ESE Telehealth is seamless. From the peripherals that we use to the computer system, it’s easy to navigate. And if I ever have a hiccup, I’m able to get someone from customer service on the line, and they’re able to help me with any type of hiccup that I have. Overall, the system is very, very easy to use. We have all of our staff trained to use the system, all of our health service staff trained to use the system, as well as our backup staff. And some of our backup staff are not even trained in healthcare, but they’re able to use the system because it’s so seamless to use.”

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