The demand for telehealth therapy services is increasing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt people’s lives across the globe. Everyone knows someone that has struggled with increased levels of stress and anxiety. In the USA alone, the pandemic is taking a toll on the mental health of about 4 in every 10 adults. Another 36% of the population is experiencing difficulties in sleeping or eating due to the economic recession. 

Telehealth therapy is revolutionizing traditional counseling. Affected individuals can now access immediate medical care from the comfort of their homes. Talking to a therapist through a live video can help individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.  Other benefits of telehealth therapy include zero commuting costs and unlimited access to specialists. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a telehealth service provider.

1. Intuitive User Interface

The first thing that you should watch out for is an intuitive user interface. The software should be easy to use on your end and set up in minutes. For instance, how quickly can you fill and update the consent forms? How does the clinic collect your payment and insurance information? These procedures should be seamless without consuming much time or attracting unnecessary costs. The user interface should allow the doctor to schedule a call if you don’t want video sessions. 

2. Telemedicine Mobile Application

The main reason you chose to resort to telehealth therapy is to access the services anytime you want. That wouldn’t be possible if your favorite platform requires you always to have a laptop. Watch out for a telehealth therapist whose services are accessible via a dedicated mobile app.. That means your therapist will always be a few clicks away, regardless of your location. 

3. Is the Service Secure?

Healthcare information is as sensitive as your finances. Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a concern, especially in matters of stolen identities. You’d only want to share your medical and payment information with a telehealth service provider who guarantees the safety of your information. The security precautions may include a comprehensive encryption technology that makes it almost impossible for hackers to access stored information. If you’re unsure if your provider is using a secure platform, ask them to show you their business associate agreements that guarantee the safety of private information. 

4. Supportive Customer Care Services

You should expect all sorts of questions and uncertainties when installing a new system on your phone. There are some tweaks that you can only learn about if someone points them out for you. In that case, you’ll need a telehealth therapy provider with reliable support. It will also help if the customer care service desk is accessible seven days a week. 

5. Licensing and Compliance

Depending on your state, there are various legal and professional requirements that a doctor should fulfill to practice telehealth therapy. A fully licensed and compliant therapist is the best plan of getting uninterrupted long-term therapy support. 

6. Positive Patient Reviews

What do other patients say about a particular therapist? Reading patient reviews will help you get a sense of which teletherapy practice is right for you. You’ll also learn about the experiences of patients with situations like yours. This way, you can tell whether a clinic will meet your expectations before the first appointment. 

The Bottom Line

Telehealth therapy could be the lifeline you need to stay strong during these trying moments of the pandemic. You’re looking at a hassle-free technology that guarantees the same privacy as physical therapy sessions. You only need a reliable internet connection and the strength to open up to your therapist. Leverage the above tips to access the best telehealth therapist to face this pandemic with rejuvenated emotional strength and spirit. 

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